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Signs and Symptoms That Say You're Pregnant

Knowing that you’re expecting a baby can be a time of great celebration. But long before any home pregnancy test or any blood test performed by your doctor can tell you that you’re pregnant, your body will start to give off a myriad of clues.

You might first notice an overwhelming fatigue. This will be a different kind of tiredness than what you normally experience. This is the kind of tiredness where you feel like you’re dragging through the day and can’t wait to fall into bed as soon as night falls.

You might not even be able to wait until it’s time for bed. You might feel so tired that you just have to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon. You might notice this tiredness even before you’ve noticed that your menstrual cycle is late.

Another early sign is that your breasts might feel achy and they might feel more sensitive. You’ll probably think they feel heavier. You may notice that even brushing against something causes them to ache.

At first, you might chalk it up to an illness, but feeling nauseated is another clue of pregnancy. Some women will experience this nausea only in the morning after getting out of bed.

It may be accompanied by a feeling of dizziness. Some women, though, will experience feelings of nausea off and on throughout the day. In some women, the nausea can also lead to vomiting.

The thought of eating foods that you once loved to eat might suddenly make you feel sick to your stomach at the thought of eating them. On the other hand, you might find that you want foods you wouldn’t normally eat and the only way to appease these cravings is to have that food.

Bowel changes like constipation can also be another sign of pregnancy. Other bathroom habits can also change. You’ll also notice that you’re heading to the bathroom more because you feel like you have to urinate more.

This is due to changes happening in your body at first but as the baby grows, he or she will put pressure on the bladder. Some other signs you might experience will be a low backache and various aches and pains, including headaches.

Experiencing unexplained moodiness is also a symptom of pregnancy. You might feel like everything is fine one minute, feel joyful and happy - and the next minute, you’re crying or angry or agitated. Emotional ups and downs go hand in hand with the hormones associated with being pregnant.

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